How to buy lottery tickets for a chance to win big prizes

How to buy lottery tickets for a chance to win big prizes

People with this will be a draw or luck really. For example, fortune may not want to buy a lottery, but someone strongly advises you to sell it. Or, there are people who say or come to tell the lottery without asking Or remain dormant, want to buy If this is the case, do not hesitate, because at that moment luck comes to visit you.

The principle of buying a lottery for luck! First, there must be a number in the heart that can be derived from the dream or the number that someone has to say to buy. And do not hesitate or distract with other numbers. Finally, if you want to be a lottery, you must continue to accumulate merit, to think well, to do good, not to encroach on others and not to be greedy before getting hot.

  1. Tip “The neck lottery should know” because the rich “luck” ride for those at risk by this round is one of the ways. It will give you that chance
  2. Try not to let the water run from the house before the lottery date and the date of the lottery is announced.
  3. Try to keep the house clean. Especially in front of the door of the house and the room And do not place the door
  4. Try to do the dishes every time you eat. Should not be left overnight before the lottery
  5. Do not wear clothes on the day of the lottery.
  6. Do not let the lamp aisle lose
  7. Buy with people in a good mood.
  8. Buy in the area where it is under construction
  9. Keep the lottery, do not crumple it

On the day of the lottery, try not to get upset and give the impression that we are watching or listening. And he announces the purchase number, presenting the help that will give you luck, how to ask God luck in the north-west and reciting this God then told you that my name was. May you help me get the numbers to risk your fortune in the government lottery.

If you are rewarded, bring money to earn you. If we receive the true prize, we bring money to merit or give to a charity anywhere, asking for the fortunate to say that this merit is given to Lord Buddha. What the child has earned Has received money from this fortune that I would like to dedicate to you, please come and receive it.

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